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General Group Track Day

General Group Track Day

Monday 06 December 2021
Brands Hatch Indy
105 dB(A) static | 92 dB(A) driveby

Pre-booked passengers are FREE

This General Car Track day has a GROUP format. There will be three groups with a scheduled 6x 20min sessions for each group, on rotation, throughout the day. Your day will begin with new registration procedures, followed by 3 sighting laps. The first session will be largely taken up by sighting laps. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed on your chosen event. One group will be for MSVT customers and the other two groups are for exclusive clubs.

Full Day - General Group
Full Day - General Group £109.00

Suitable for all levels of circuit driver experience. A mix of road, track and race cars More Info

Trackside Photography

Photography of all attendees will be added to THIS website within a few days of the event for you to view and purchase.

COVID-19 Important Information

Click and read all this link for all the essential safety measures that must strictly be adhered to on trackdays. If you are unable to comply with any of these measures please do not proceed with your booking. The document explains the procedures in place so please take time to read through it.

On the day of your event please consider the needs of others and maintain a safe distance from anyone you don’t know, including our team.

Noise Limits

105 dB(A) static

92 dB(A) driveby

07:30 Sign On
08:30 Briefing
09:00 Track Time Starts
12:00 Lunch Time
13:00 Track Time Resumes
16:00 Dusk Track Time Ends

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