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Drift Track Day

Drift Track Day

Friday 20 May 2022
Oulton Park Rally Stage
105 dB(A) static

This wet grip drifting day at Oulton Park has an Open Pit Lane format enabling you to go out on the circuit as you choose. Your day will begin with online registration and briefing procedures pior to arrival. Please pay special attention to the noise limit listed on your chosen event.

The activity takes place on Oulton Park's two purpose built tarmac rally stages. The surface is kept wet to help with the fun. Instructors are on-hand to improve your skills. It is important for us to keep you on the tarmac to avoid stoppages and keep the day running for everyone. 

Requirements to take part are exactly the same as our regular trackdays.

It is a good giggle!

Full Day - Open Pit Lane
Full Day - Open Pit Lane £139.00

Ideal for drivers of any track experience. A mix of road, track and race cars More Info

Trackside Photography

Photography of all attendees will be added to THIS website within a few days of the event for you to view and purchase.

Noise Limits

105 dB(A) static

07:30 Sign On
08:30 Briefing
09:00 Track Time Starts
13:00 Lunch Time
14:00 Track Time Resumes
17:00 Track Time Ends

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