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MSVT Testimonials

MSVT Testimonials

We are proud of our reputation for being both friendly and professional. We work extremely hard to run great events and value all the feedback we receive. Featured below are some examples.

Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood

ARDS Test & Race Academy

MSVT has been fantastic to me," he said. "I was fortunate enough to be at Brands Hatch last year doing a TV programme with John Surtees [BBC Two's Racing Legends], so I got a feel for the place. I panicked a little bit with the theory test as I'm terrible with exams, but I passed 100% which was good, and the practical was great fun. I've been with Jonny Adam [Beechdean Aston Martin GT driver] practising for a couple of days over the last month or two and it's been such a great experience. It's not something I've thought of doing, but when I was approached to get involved and then to be given the chance to take my race licence and pass, I was over the moon. I feel like a 17-year-old passing my driving test again!" "I think your nerves can kick in when you first start, and then you just get a feel for it. It's practice at the end of the day, it's like baking. When I first started my first loaves were OK but they weren't brilliant, but the more you practice it you get a great crust, the taste is good, the structure's there and you get a loaf that looks almost professional. And it's the same with race driving, it's just practice. Being with good teachers helps a lot, and being with MSVT has been fantastic. If you get a great instructor, which I had, you naturally just get better and better.
Malcolm & Harriet

Instruction at Oulton Park

I had booked this track day as a treat for my daughter who is 20 and has never driven anything as powerful as my Golf R with 300bhp. She had instruction from Simon having just driven 2 slow sighting laps in the car. She came back from her instruction thrilled and then took me out as a passenger in the next session. I was absolutely amazed at how well and fast she drove. I could NEVER have had her driving so well so soon. So Simon clearly gave her first rate instruction and confidence. She later took out another passenger who was also amazed at how well she drove. When I was driving her, she was telling me the things she's learned and it made me better too. Quite humbling when your young daughter tells you off for not keeping the power on! The event was great. Good value for money. Ran on time and slick. Only tiny (I mean tiny) point - it was a huge rush to get helmets and maybe people could be encouraged to get helmets between signing on and the briefing. Thanks for a great day!
Robert J

Bedford Novice Day

Hi MSVT Thank you. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed my track day. The pundits that say it is only an airfield need educating. The guys that I spoke with really enjoyed the long straights but found the corners very testing and the track surface was excellent. Fuel consumption was high!

Great day, thank you,


Tim & Anil

Bedford Autodrome - Circuit Instruction

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much Anil and I enjoyed our track day. 

The whole set up is very professional, your marshals are quick to keep everyone in line and throwing in free refreshments was a very nice touch. 

Could you also please pass on our thanks to Andrew Crichton, our instructor for the day. I think splitting the instruction between the 2 of us worked out perfectly, as it might have been a bit much individually. Andrew was very knowledgeable and accommodating and got the balance of track time and tuition time just right – we both learned a lot and will definitely be back for more. 

Once again, thank you and well done. 

Warm regards Tim & Anil

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