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No Race Cars Track Day

No Race Cars Track Day

General Track days can sometimes appear as an intimidating place for the road car driver. We have lots of track days through the year and so have nominated some of them to specifically exclude race cars.

Our 'No Race Car' Track Days capture the excitement of the track while ensuring a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of being on track at the same time as race cars.

An Open Pit Lane format is normally used on these events, meaning drivers have the flexibility to use the track as they please throughout the day. These events are a friendly place for Novices. Additional drivers and passengers are encouraged and you can expect our usual optional services such as friendly experienced instructors.

For clarity, on these events we exclude "Race Cars" that use one or more of the following:

Motorsport wets and slick tyres
Race numbers/number boards
External electrical cut-offs
External extinguisher pulls
Replacement plastic windows
Customer sign-on using a competition licence

Road legal Radicals and similar vehicles are not permitted. Attendees in breach of the above restrictions will unfortunately not be allowed access to the circuit or receive a credit or refund. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements for these events please email us prior to booking. Our 'General' days do not have these exclusions.

Check out the comprehensive 'FAQ' page or 'essential novice info' page to see what you need.

Our upcoming No Race Car dates feature on our Calendar - use the filter to view them all easier.

Key Points
  • No race cars
  • No competition licences
  • No motorsport slicks or wets

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