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Going sideways in style is as rewarding to do as it is exciting to watch - and it's a skill that you'll be able to perfect with our Drifting Events.

The purpose-built tarmac rally stages at Oulton Park (Cheshire), give drifters the choice of two great layouts that give you the perfect opportunity to practice on this wet grip surface. 

You don't need to be an expert skidder, but frequently losing control of your car is frowned upon.

WE ALL WANT LOTS OF DRIFTING - NOT STOPPAGES. Spinning out in drifting is a big fat zero score!

With limited numbers, these full-day events guarantee a good amount of quality seat time. Our instructors are also on hand throughout the event to offer you advice and helpful tips, so you can polish those skills.

After your safety briefing and a couple of familiarisation laps of the circuit, you will be ready to take to the circuit. 

Key Points
  • Oulton Park drift and rally stage
  • Drift instructors available
  • Open pitlane format
  • Wet grip surface

Upcoming Drifting Events

We dont have any Drifting currently - Check the full calendar for information on other events.

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