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Novice Only Car Track Day

Novice Only Car Track Day

Our Novice Only Track Days allow anyone to experience the thrill of driving on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit drivers. If you have never taken part in a track day before, or you have only taken part in a few events, then a Novice Only day is a great place to be.

The Novice stipulation is in reference to the driver, not the machine. Novice drivers are welcome to come in their road car; but some have already acquired track cars at this point or may be hiring one. In every case - they all are Novice drivers.

The day will normally include:

  • Brake boards to help you master the track effectively
  • Limited number of cars on circuit
  • Turn-in and apex cones to help you learn corner lines at most circuits
  • Experienced driver coaches on hand throughout the event, offering advice and in-car training

With the additional driver price for these events reduced to £20 or passengers for £10, why not bring a friend to join you?

Included in the day are off-circuit instruction briefings where our instructors will talk you through circuit tips and driving techniques. This is a great time to ask those burning questions that pop up during your day.

In addition to your car session there will also be another session with Novice bikes.

Check out the comprehensive 'FAQ' page or 'essential novice info' page to see what you need.

Please note: Novice Only Track Days are for drivers who have little or no track experience. Race licence holders are not permitted and will be refused entry without refund or credit.

Our upcoming Novice Only trackdays are listed below. Please select this Calendar link for all our trackday dates.

Key Points
  • Suitable for drivers with little or no circuit experience
  • Professional, friendly instructors on hand
  • Limited numbers
  • Sessioned format
  • Off-circuit hints, tips and help

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