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TrackDay CDX Car Hire

TrackDay CDX Car Hire


At Brands Hatch, we have a small fleet of sparkly CDX Caterhams to hire as an additional option when booking your track day. The price for the car is £895 for day hire and £500 for evening hire plus your choice from our selection of track days on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. The car is exclusive to you unless you wish to bring additional drivers.

The CDX is powered by a tuned, high-revving 1.6 Sigma engine with 135BHP in this super lightweight (545kg) race car, we use a bigger chassis and roll cage for a little more comfort, 5-speed manual box and a limited-slip diff (LSD) for more grip. Caterhams race chassis provides amazing feedback and a pinpoint direct feel so you always know exactly what its doing - and with a superb power to weight ratio this is essential!

On arrival, your car will be waiting for you in the MSVT garage. One of the MSVT team will introduce you to the car, run you through our expectations and complete the damage excess form which limits the liability of any damage to a maximum of £2,000.

Your event will follow the same schedule as the track day:


  • Driver registration - 7:30-8:00 and safety briefing at 8:30
  • Sighting laps - 9:00 followed by open pit lane driving
  • Lunch break - 13:00- 14:00
  • Afternoon open pitlane - 14:00-17:00


  • Driver registration - 16:00 and safety briefing at 16:30
  • Sighting laps - 17:00 followed by open pit lane until 20:00

The car can be added as an additional option when booking your track day. You will need to add the Caterham by phone if your track day has already been booked and paid for. The cars must be booked at least a week in advance and are subject to availability. Up to 2 additional drivers for £100 each can be added by phone. Minimum driver age is 18. The car must be rested for a minimum of 20 minutes out of each hour regardless of the number of drivers.

Key Points
  • Caterham CDX model
  • Price includes car, fuel, tyres and garage
  • Additional Drivers are £100 each
  • Damage excess of £2,000
  • Your chosen trackday cost is in addition to the car hire
  • Passengers are £10

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