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How Fast

How Fast

If you want to test your driving skills and your car's ability against the clock and other drivers in the UK, How Fast is the place to do it! This is your chance to end the pub banter about who has the fastest car or who is the best driver. Come along to Bedford Autodrome with some friends and prove it in a safe and controlled environment that really allows you to explore your car's full performance - against the clock!

Your event begins with a briefing on the rules of engagement, followed by a nice long one-hour open pit lane practice session where you will be able to hone your skills and receive advice from our qualified race instructors.

With a maximum of 20 cars per session, there will be plenty space on track to give you quality track time in preparation for your timed sessions.

Following practice, it's down to you to cover the challenging 1.8-mile West Circuit as fast as possible over the course of your timed session, in which you will receive an out-lap, two fast laps and an in-lap.

Your best time will be displayed on the How Fast Leaderboard for all to see. During your fast lap timed session there will be a maximum of three cars on circuit at any time. This, plus the huge run off area's of Bedford Autodrome's West Circuit ensure maximum safety and the space for you to push hard.

The requirements to take part are just the same as a regular track day. Easy and a lot of fun! Each How Fast session is £109. Multiple sessions can be booked - OR - use one of our high powered 2.5l paddle shift Caterhams for an extra £229 (this is an additional option added during booking).

Also on the same day we will have a separate track day running on the SEN layout at Bedford. You are welcome to tag on for either the am or pm (subject to availability) at a discounted rate!

How Fast runs just once each year!

Key Points
  • One hour practice
  • Flying laps
  • Lap time leaderboard
  • 1.8 mile circuit
  • Three cars at a time spaced for perfect runs

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