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Go Racing With MSVT

Go Racing With MSVT

MSVT Racing provides the perfect platform for both those looking to take their first foray into the world of competitive motorsport, and for those keen competitors who are looking to hone in and improve their driving skills in a fun and friendly environment.

With a current offering of four differing racing championships and series, there really is something for everyone. Find further information about each specific championship and series in the MSVT Racing portfolio below!

Not got your race licence yet, visit the handy ‘Steps To Go Racing’ page and get yourself on the grid!

Given MSVT Racing’s rich history of producing dynamic, award-winning championships and series, there truly isn’t a better place to go racing this season.

Clio Cup GB More Information

The Renault Clio, a true icon of French motoring, will return to British race tracks with an official championship in 2024, to offer a cost-effective route into tin top competition.

The EnduroKA Series was launched in 2019 to provide a cost-effective, fun introduction to motorsport without huge financial outlay.

Trackday Trophy More Information

Trackday Trophy is a series designed for production and production-based saloon, hatchback and sports cars - with an emphasis on having fun.

Trackday Championship More Information

The Trackday Championship (TDC) is a championship which offers a competitive yet fun-and-friendly environment for production cars racers to enjoy.

Miata Trophy More Information

Mk3 and Mk4 Mazda MX-5s do battle on a single grid, with a unique race format, the top ten fastest drivers in Qualifying will take on ‘Super Pole’.

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