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Caterham Track Day

Caterham Track Day

Monday 04 September 2023
Donington Park GP
98 dB(A) driveby

Welcome to the exclusive Caterham Cars 50th Anniversary track day.

Join Caterham as they celebrate 50 years of the brand at an exclusive Caterham and Lotus Seven only. This open pit lane event offers drivers the freedom and flexibility of joining the circuit as often as they like throughout the day. 

Experienced instructors will be on hand during the day, helping drivers familiarise themselves with the circuit and get the most out of their Seven's out on track. Instruction sessions can be added as an additional option at the time of booking together with additional drivers and passengers.

All drivers will receive links to the MSV online check-in and briefing in advance, however the online briefing will only become available 24HRS prior to the event start.

Enjoy your day!

Full Day - Open Pit Lane
Full Day - Open Pit Lane £399

  • Ideal for drivers of any track experience
  • All road and race Caterham models permitted
  • Standard track day rules apply

Using your own Caterham

Noise Limits

98 dB(A) driveby

07:30 Sign On
08:30 Briefing
09:00 Track Time Starts
13:00 Lunch Time
14:00 Track Time Resumes
17:00 Track Time Ends

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