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Steps to go Racing with MSVT

Steps to go Racing with MSVT

MSV Trackdays can provide you with everything you need to get onto the grid! We are committed to getting more people into racing and we want to help you every step of the way - from your first track day right up to going racing.

We can develop your track driving and racing skills with our driver training packages before sitting your (NDTC) ARDS Test to obtain a race licence. We also run a race series designed specifically for novice racing drivers called the Trackday Trophy, whilst for more experienced racers we have the Trackday Championship.  The simple steps you need to take to get a licence and then go racing are outlined below:

Step One

General Track Days - Drive your own car on circuit and get a feel for the amazing journey ahead.

Step Two

Driver Coaching - Learn from highly experienced current and ex-racer ARDS instructors. The quickest route to drive faster!

Step Three

Purchase a Go Racing Pack - This pack covers your Motorsport UK racing licence fee for the first year and crucially contains your race licence application form. There are download links for info explaining the initial rules of racing and useful info that will be included in the licence assessment in your ARDS test.

Step Four

Book your ARDS licence test - Choose from a great selection of dates at many of our race circuits. The test includes a classroom session, written test and on-circuit driven assessment.

Step Five

Race In The Trackday Trophy Series or EnduroKA . The perfect platforms to start racing. Regulations and race formats are simple and designed to keep costs down. You'll find plenty of support and a great atmosphere.

Step Six

Race In The Trackday Championship , Miata Trophy or Clio Cup GB - Designed for more advanced racers looking to get into championship racing.

Key Points
  • Step 1 - Do a track day
  • Step 2 - Receive some driver coaching
  • Step 3 - Purchase a Go Racing pack
  • Step 4 - Book your ARDS Test
  • Step 5 - Race in Trackday Trophy or EnduroKA
  • Step 6 - Race in Trackday Championship or Miata Trophy

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